Friday, February 4, 2011


They say there is simply nothing like the joy of giving. People who are into charity do so selflessly. The positive impact that charity has on the lives of the lesser fortunate and suffering, is simply incomparable. Add to this, there is nothing like attending a charity music concert even as the elating experience that it is is like no other. Four young lads and best friends from Tiverton, full of noble intentions, decided to practice hard and hone their music skills. This is even as they were looking to do some good charity after performing at a concert. As hoped for, they accordingly did perform at the Seven Stars pub in November and to packed crowd. This eventually had the four youngsters later on offering a cheque for £1,316.29 in charity sum. This was given to the Cancer Research UK.

Shaun Goff, Kevin Coombs, Ben Hellier and Stuart Anderson read the names of the four spirited youth that spent as much as four months rehearsing for the one-off concert. They were also instrumental in organizing donations for the auction and also special lottery prizes. Their close friend Exeter City’s Adam Stansfield died of bowel cancer. He was all of thirty one years old. This loss was far too overwhelming for them in a depressive manner. This is where they decided to do something about the matter and give their late friend a tribute his soul would much love. Dawn Harrison, Area Volunteer Manager for Cancer UK, spoke of how it is donations of these sums that prove to be rather invaluable in the end for the institute in its strivings against the fatal disease of cancer. The institute has been instrumental in developing nineteen of the twenty top most drugs that are used for cancer treatment today. This would simply have been impossible without the support of these kind hearted and selfless people for once.

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